Missions is a big part of what we do at Crosslands Church. A significant portion of our budget each year is given to the following organizations who are committed to making a Christ-centred missional impact at home and around the world.

Home Missions

Community Meal

Crosslands Community Meal reaches out to the community by creating a warm and friendly environment for guests in need to assemble and share a meal together. A nutritious meal is served, hot coffee is available, people are made to feel welcome, and laughter is heard. The Community Meal is completely hosted by a team of dedicated volunteers whose love for their work is evident every week. We rely totally on volunteer cooks from all parts of our community and the generous donations from local vendors.
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The Shop

The Shop is a Vehicle Donation program that trains and mentors youth. You donate your car to The Shop in exchange for a charitable donation tax receipt of an amount established by qualified appraisers. The vehicle gets refurbished or is used for training at our shop facility where youth gain valuable skills by hands on experience. The vehicle is then sold at auction to pay our overhead and keep the program free for the youth.

The Life Centre

TLC The Life Centre is a not-for-profit faith-based organization supporting women of all ages facing an unplanned and/or unwanted pregnancy with a variety of services. They provide free pregnancy tests, a life skills course which assists and guides the woman and her family through the term of the pregnancy, as well as, a post abortion recovery and healing program. TLC provides a judgement free environment, offering empathetic and compassionate support.

Overseas Missions

Noah’s Ark

Banaue, Phillippines
This is a home for children who either have no parents or whose parents are not able to care for them on a full-time basis.  The PAOC started the orphanage in 1984.  This ChildCare Plus project provides food, clothing, shelter, spiritual guidance, and schooling to well over 100 resident children.  There is also a day care program as well as facilities and instructors for special needs children.

Michelle Reynolds

Tokyo, Japan
Michelle has been attending Crosslands Church since January of 2010. In 2014 she felt God call her to become a long-term missionary (4+ years) in the country of Japan. The Japanese people are the second most unreached people group in the world in terms of The Gospel. Due to this, Michelle has joined TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) and will be assisting in various church plants and youth outreach initiatives within the city of Tokyo. Michelle will be working with veteran missionaries and local pastors to reach those around her with the Good News of Christ.
If you’d like to know more, feel free to check out her TEAM missions page or personal blog: